Eggshell Porcelain Painted Bowl


Our collection of Eggshell Porcelain embodies a variety of enchanting works, some of which completely unique and exclusive to the UK market.

Eggshell Porcelain is thus named to signify the thinness of the porcelain. The layer of porcelain less than 1 millimetre and so delicate that only two layers of glaze, one on the outside and inside are required. The strokes and colour on the topside can be seen from the backside under the sunlight or lamp light; just one feat of its 72 stage process. This timeless art, spanning over a thousand years has been given a contemporary lift by our artists.

Eggshell porcelain, also known as ‘bodiless porcelain’ or ‘eggshell china’ is unique in the world. As a special handicraft product among the traditional porcelain handicrafts in Jingdezhen, it wins a long-standing reputation dating from the Northern Song Dynasty (906-1127), prospering in the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1912), and continuing to be popular in this current era.


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