Gao Meisheng

Gao Meisheng is an artist whose works are deemed unique among the handicrafts of China, realised as a great master of the eggshell porcelain artisanship.

During the celebration of the 10th National Day of China in 1959, Meisheng designed the porcelain artworks for Chairman Mao, to be given as gifts to leading figures of foreign countries. His research and practice of Eggshell porcelain began later in 1980.

On March 8 1983, his work Nine Dragons Eggshell Porcelain Bowl (Diameter: 56cm) was exhibited in Hong Kong. In 1985, his overlapping pattern eggshell porcelain bowl All Other Birds Paying Homage to Phoenix (Diameter: 65cm) was acquired by a Japanese Collector. October 1988 saw Meisheng hold a personal exhibition and trade fair of Jingdezhan porcelain in Macao.  Key figures from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, including Mr. Henry Fok Ying Tung, Mr. Cheng Yu-tung, Mr. Ma Wanqi and Mr. Stanley Ho joined celebrate this, collecting his Nine Dragons Eggshell Porcelain Bowl (Diameter: 78cm).  It was later in 1993, he exhibited his best Gold Nine Dragons Eggshell Porcelain (Diameter: 78cm) in Jakarta, Indonesia.

On November 7 of the same year, Gao Meisheng broke the Guinness World Record for his creation of the 88.8cm Nine Dragons Overlapping Patterns Eggshell Porcelain Bowl.

Lu Jiande

In 2005 Mr. Gu Jinming, famous Chinese calligrapher, painter and Secretary of former Premier Zhou Enlai inscribed a plaque in appraisal for Lu Jiande, stating that “his unique technique has no predecessors, showing extraordinary talent of making eggshell porcelain as thin as paper; his works are as marvellous as nature’s mystery confusing the eight immortals for such exquisite craftsmanship”.

In 2008, at the 4th Cultural Industries Fair, Jiande won the gold medal for his 8cm Famille Rose Noble Ones Eggshell Porcelain Bowl. Further, in 2010 his eggshell porcelain work was collected by the United Nations as the No. 1 collection; Achim Steiner, Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations personally came to accept this collection.

In 2010, the eggshell porcelain made by Mr Lu Jiande received an order from Shang Xia Trade (China) Co. Ltd., established and held by Hermes, France, and became one of the company’s top suppliers in China in 2011.

In May 2011, at the Guardian Spring Auction in Beijing, Mr Li Xiaocong, a master of the arts and crafts in China sold his new enamel colour inlay artefact Rugged Rocks on Mount Lu for RMB 2.76million; this artefact was in fact made by Mr. Lu Jiande. His high-quality handmade artefacts became treasures favoured by renowned artists and collectors at home and abroad.


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